Crabtree Emerald Mine
Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Rules for collecting at the Crabtree Mine

COVID - 19, Corona Virus info: The Crabtree Mine is open to collecting for individual collectors and clubs. Follow current CDC guidelines. Thanks, and have fun!

NOTICE: The road leading to the Crabtree Mine is a private road maintained by the residents that live in the area. The speed limit for the road is 15 MPH. Please drive the speed limit when coming and going from the mine. There are small children and pets that live there.

All persons visiting the Crabtree Emerald Mine property, owned by Mineral City Mining Co., must have a signed release form or permission form.

You may keep any mineral specimens that you find at the mine. Hand tools only are allowed at the mine: shovel, pick, hammer, chisel, etc. NO power tools, water pumps, jackhammers, or motorized equipment, backhoes or bulldozers.

Keep the Property clean. Remove any trash that you see at the site, whether it is yours or left by others, this will help keep the site open to collecting.

Call 828-779-4501 to report any problems. Things to report include: Large amounts of pre-existing trash on the property, the presence of unauthorized people on the property, persons using equipment other than hand tools, any actions that could risk the safety and health of others such as tunneling into the walls of the mine which could cause a cave-in, if you see someone doing any of these things, try to get their name, license tag number from their vehicle and any other identifying information to report.

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