R/V Arctic Discoverer
1958 - 2013


This website was developed to preserve the history of the research vessel, R/V Arctic Discoverer and the artifacts and documents detailing the hunt for, and successful recovery of the most valuable treasure in United States history, the SS Central America and her contents. As a treasure hunter, I have followed with great interest over the decades the finds made by people like Tommy Thompson, Mel Fisher and E. Lee Spence. While I hunted gems in the mountains of Western North Carolina, they hunted treasures in the ocean. I was fortunate in August, 2013 to get an opportunity to salvage and preserve some of the history of Tommy Thompson's expedition and bring much of it here to you. I was actually shocked to learn of the ships auction, that it was auctioned off to a salvage company who planned to scrap it for its metal value. But what shocked me the most, is that no one tried to save the history and artifacts that this ship contained. I found one of a kind photos trampled on in the hallways. The captains chair had been thrown out the window of the top deck and smashed on the main deck. Historic items and documents piled in trash piles to be thrown into a nearby dumpster. As a big ship enthusiast, treasure hunter and collector of historic artifacts, I am very glad I found out what was happening to this famous ship before it was completely destroyed.

If you have information about this ship or the "Ship of Gold" expedition, or the crew etc. I would be very interested in talking to you. If you have questions about the museum or any items I have for sale, feel free to contact me:

Richard Jacquot, Owner, Jacquot & Son Mining & Treasure Hunting